The sickle and the crown – Book


Beata Holeckova was born in Czechoslovakia in the 1980’s under a communist regime. She had a privileged upbringing because both her parents and grandparents were high-profile members of the Communist Party….

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But under the system, religion was forbidden, truth was hidden and that became a way of life. Beata discovered that her mother’s birth was one of many family secrets. Fascinatingly, there is a series of circumstances surrounding her grandfather’s deportation to Italy in 1945 under the Nazi regime and also evidence that documents were obtained from the Gestapo permitting a little Jewish girl to escape the Holocaust. It wasn’t until 1989 after the Velvet Revolution that she was able to travel beyond the controlled borders and her life was transformed.

From the repression of her home country, being part of the Warsaw pact, to a whole new world of freedom and ideas, she had to adapt to the shock of the new. As a
learner and teacher of English as a second language her experience of adapting to a new culture is shared by so many immigrants arriving to a bewildering new world. Throughout her life, however, despite having a successful career as a founder of a language school in Slovakia and now in England she struggled with her true identity and worth. This is a journey in a truest sense not only from one country to another filled with mind-blowing coincidences, extraordinary discoveries but also from shedding the old assumptions she had about herself and becoming a whole new person in a whole new country.

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